•Rotation--Precision automated conveying combination for thread distances.
  The replaceable A and B gears of the device coordinate with A and B rotating shaft and main shaft to push the tread distance forward. (No such a device before). this device has the following advantages:
1 Stable and precision vertical operation:
The degree of precision is very high. The screw moves forward and backward freely without the use of force. It produces excellent processed products. It will not produce threads of different sizes. It can produce perfect threads for punching machine processed thing plate products, light alloys, and synthetic resins etc. soft products. There will be no unstable quality or defect products.
2 When threading machine is in operation, the processed objects will not jump up:
The rotating main shaft carries the conveying. There is no need to press down the processed objects with hands. The processed objects will not jump up.
3 Simple operation and high work efficiency:
Since the processed objects will not jump up, there is no need to have a simple device to press down the processed objects. It can develop the highest work efficiency.
•Both hands of the operators may leave the machine freely.
  Forward rotation → reverse rotation → Forward rotation → reverse rotation, the continuous cycle and the forward rotation → reverse rotation → stop single cycle all have designated push button switches for operation. And, foot pedal switches can also be installed as operation options. It can operate automatically with continuous cycle and single cycle. Both hands of the operators may leave the machine freely.
•Can be operated with high-speed continuous cycle. Sturdy and durable.
  GT1-203 type continuous cycle operation rotates 40 cycles per minute. It can be operated with high-speed continuous cycle, sturdy and durable. Especially, when our company internal developed electronic push button switch and special motors are used, it can be used for ten million rotations.
•The starters can operate smoothly
  Single action operation is continuous cycle operation. Both hands of the operators may leave the machine freely. All they need is to supply objects to be processed. The operation efficiency is the same for both starters and skillful workers.
•High precision threading procedure is very easy to adjust.
  Automated reverse device, it can freely adjust threading procedure. It is very easy to adjust shallow hole and processed objects with hole bottom.
•Dual safety device can prevent the damage of screw threading.
  The main shaft rotation and up/down, forward/backward knife tool have been installed with dual safety crutch. The main shaft can be stopped automatically, reverse and retreat. It will not damage the knife tool.
•Multiple shafts threading device can have high efficiency operation.
  Multiple shafts threading device can be installed for high efficiency production.