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GD1-191 Pneumatic and hydraulic automated drilling machine
Use attached knob to adjust the speed of cutting, full cycle and fast knife entrance stroke. The design is very simple. The cycle is set up based on the scale. It takes only one set up to carry out the same processing repeatedly.
When the fast knife entrance stroke is set at 50 mm, the full cycle is at the 80 mm conditions. Thus, when the fast knife entrance stroke is set at 50 mm, the cutting cycle is at 30 mm.

Automatic cycle
  Press down startup switch, the fast entrance knife can then be operated automatically. When the fast cutting knife returns to the origin quickly, the cutting cycle is stopped. This type of machine is installed with timing circuit. If the timer (option) is installed, the time setting is very precise. This increases the work efficiency.
Stroke adjustment
  Fast knife entrance stroke and full cycle are set in accordance to the scale on the stroke adjustment knob. The set up is very simple. When adjusting the cutting speed adjustment knob to the closed position, the preparation operation to determine the center position and instrument set up.
Multiple shaft and automation
  Since this is the automatic cycle, it can be used for all types of special equipment. And, using the flange fixed on the main shaft, it can be used to install the multiple shaft devices.
The switching between pneumatic pressure and hydraulic pressure
  The switching method between pneumatic pressure and hydraulic pressure for pneumatic and hydraulic pressure method is different from the mechanical method used. This newest method used so that the cylinder push force is transmitted directly to the cutting shaft. The action is very accurate. To change cutting knife speed, the cutting speed knob is adjusted from 40 mm/min to processing speed. The hole shearing processing can then be carried out.

Sample example of GD1-191 type multiple shaft device installations
Hole drilling capability (mm) 19 m/m (steel)
Shape of the main shaft front M. T. No. 2
Main shaft stroke (mm) 110
Main shaft rotating number 50 Hertz 450, 750, 1300, 2000 r.p.m.
60 Hertz 375, 625, 1080, 1670 r.p.m.
Fast knife entrance range 95 mm Up to
Cutting range (mm) 10 ~ 110
Cutting speed (mm/min) 40 And up
Rotation diameter (mm) 430
Movable distance under the head (mm) 300
The distance before the front of the main shaft and the work station (mm) 160 ~ 460
Area of work station (mm) 340 x 340
Normal pressure 5 kgf/cm2
Motor (1HP) 0.75kw - 4P
Weight Approximate 198kg
For improvement, the design dimensions may change without notification. Standard accessories: a. tool box 1 set, b. fixing alignment handle 1 unit, c. clamp head body and CT-12